Smartphone Vivo Xplay 7 may be the most frameless of existing

Images of the smartphone Vivo Xplay 7 again appeared in the Network. They differ from those we have seen previously, while features such as a fingerprint scanner, located under the display, left.

The images themselves could be mistaken for someone’s Amateur work, but there are images these images are displayed through the projector.

Let’s start with appearance. Images promise us a completely frameless smartphone as is possible at the present level of technology. However, thanks to Xiaomi and some other producers we already know that the actual device may differ from what we show on this kind of pictures.

But even if we assume that some kind of framework of the novelty will be located in the upper part of the camera and light sensor are located directly «in the screen» and not on the highlighted area. In addition, we can note the dual main camera and a slim metal body.

In addition, the next slide gives us an idea about the parameters. Xplay 7 supposedly will get Snapdragon 845 thus indicating the release until spring of next year, 8 GB RAM, 128 or 256 GB of flash memory and a camera with a Sony sensor IMX401. That in itself is interesting, as the IMX400 sensor is the same Sony sensor that has its own memory chip and is used only in smartphones of the Japanese company.
All in all it still looks more like someone’s fantasy than an actual description of the upcoming Vivo flagship.



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