Smartphone Vivo X20 Mars Edition will be supplied in a large suitcase along with some unusual objects

Images and photos of the smartphone Vivo X20 we have already seen. But today the network got the official images of the upcoming new items.

Despite the fact that the unit itself they are not always clearly visible, they are of some interest. In this case, interesting is not the unit itself, and the set of its delivery. More specifically, this is a kit version Mars Edition.

As you can see, the smartphone in this version will be delivered in a suitcase rather impressive size. Except the smartphone it is possible to detect at least two unusual accessory.

One of them looks like plastic or glass bottle, and the second and is difficult to describe. That is not a dummy, gives the power button on the second accessory. Presumably, this external battery, but the purpose of another object can only guess.

By the way, it is possible to see the inscription «Defending the Mars is Defending the Earth», which so far seems completely pointless.

Vivo X20 will present on September 21. Version Mars Edition is likely to show on the same day.



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