Smartphone Oukitel K3 will have four cameras, and battery capacity of 6000 mA·h

At the disposal of the source turned out to be images and some technical details about the smartphone Oukitel K3. The novelty at this stage is presented as a model for «successful men and business»: they would be able to propose unhackneyed design, high autonomy and immediately four cameras.

The battery capacity of the device is 6000 mA·h it is unclear how much would be eager to resources battery platform of the smartphone, but in any case the autonomy should not disappoint users. Cameras more difficult. In fact in the main chamber promised a tandem of two sensors are 16mp, but the quality will be of the matrix (it is well known that «decides» it is not the number of pixels) and the camera itself as a whole – is the big question. The resolution of the sensors front-facing camera will obviously be lower.

Appearance Oukitel K3 is also given full attention. Promised curved front and rear panels c gloss (glass?) surface. Alas, more about the smartphone says nothing. But you can think Oukitel won’t hesitate and bring the device to market fast enough.

Source: Gizmochina



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