Smartphone OnePlus 2 spies on the user

Today, in developed countries the issue of data confidentiality is very serious. Although, if you look on the other hand, we can say that this problem no longer exists, as it does not already exist privacy.

Anyway, some companies seeks as much as possible to protect their customer data, and the other part does the opposite. For example, as reported by Christopher Moore (Christopher Moore), dealing with digital security, the problems with this the security features of smartphones, the company OnePlus.

Last year the event SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2016 Moore found on your OnePlus 2 suspicious traffic. Note that information about this Moore published only yesterday.

So, without going into details, which can be found in Moore’s blog, for example, that the mobile device is continuously sent to the domain data, including serial number, MAC address, IMPEI, phone number, names of wireless networks, and more. Moore also found that OxygenOS collects data on the time, opening an application, and other user actions.

As expected, Moore sent the relevant information of the company OnePlus, but any reaction has not followed. He also describes a way to disable the part of the «spy» functions. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this is a problem on other models OnePlus.



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