Smartphone Moto Z new generation will get the Snapdragon SoC 835 and will be running Android 7.1.1

In the database test ON Geekbench, a description of the smartphone Moto Z the second generation. More precisely, the device now appears there under the catalog number XT1650 — the same as the current model now.

But the parameters are different. In particular, it is based on Snapdragon SoC 835, that is, the new Moto Z will continue to be the flagship of the brand. RAM will be 4 GB, like the first Motorola Moto Z.

As the OS will perform Android from 7.1.1. Undoubtedly this is good, but it is not known when will the new product. The past generation was released in summer, so it is likely that the new will have to wait another half a year. Recall, Lenovo promised to keep the concept of modularity and compatibility of existing modules with the new generation of smartphones.



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