Smartphone Moto Force Z2 supports external modules Moto Mods

The source has published images of the smartphone Moto Z2 Force, obtained from the official Chinese website of Motorola, shortly before their removal. These pictures coincide with the earlier from another source, so we can confidently talk about the presence of Z2 twin Moto Force rear camera. Not less important is the fact that the smartphone, the announcement of which is scheduled for July 25, will support external modules Moto Mods.

In addition to the known modules of the controller (gamepad moto), external battery (Pack TurboPower), and the camera module with the optical zoom (True Zoom Hasselblad) illustration lit another module, very similar to additional rear camera, fixed on the top of the phone. It is not excluded that it is made abroad, the body of the smartphone for shooting stereoscopic images in tandem with the standard rear camera.

The source confirmed that the Moto Force Z2 smartphone will receive Snapdragon SoC 835, RAM 4 or 6 GB and flash memory of 64 or 128 GB. The display diagonal of 5.5 inches is based on the AMOLED panel.



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