Smartphone Moto E4 Plus will receive a battery capacity of 5000 mA·h

Smartphones Moto G and Moto E since the announcement of the first generations were the main engines of the brand. And if the likes of Moto G steadily every year follow generation, with the budget Moto E, all a little different.

For example, E3 Moto Power (in the image), presented last summer, has not appeared in many markets, and no official announcement was not. How will the models Moto E4 is still unknown, but now we have some information about updates.

Currently reported models Moto Moto E4 and E4 Plus. Previously, the line simply was a the best budget smartphones of the brand. In the current generation have focused on a fairly capacious battery. With the new emphasis on this point will become even more. Thanks to the emergence of data about the devices on the FCC website, we now know that the Moto model E4 Plus will receive a battery capacity of 5000 mA·h! Obviously given the budget parameters, the autonomy of the smartphone will surely be impressive.

As for Moto E4, another source claims that this device will get the battery capacity of 2800 mA·h Novelty will be based on SoC MediaTek, but accurate data on this issue no.

By the way, note that in the FCC documents, the new smartphone is listed as a product of Motorola Mobility.



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