Smartphone Moto E3 Power went out just six months ago, but will not receive upgrade to Android OS 7.0

Many flagship smartphones based on the Android OS will not receive updates after two years after the release, the situation with a more affordable apparatus usually more prosaic. Large companies often quickly provide updates to fix the most egregious errors, but the release of a new version of the Android OS often forces them to start working again, why is not every manufacturer, especially in the case of aging and/or exotic hardware platforms.

Received in the sale less than six months ago, the smartphone Moto E3 Power was in exactly this situation. Motorola on its website clearly indicates that the smartphone will not receive upgrade to Android OS 7.0. Maybe it’s in the used SoC MediaTek MT6735P, because the smartphones based on this (and similar) SoC in the past year have experienced large delays in the update to Android 6.0. Representatives of some manufacturers unofficially blamed the company MediaTek, indicating the absence of important system drivers, making it impossible to use the camera, a wireless adapter, or other components.



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