Smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone can only come out in 2018 or 2019, but it will be the first smartphone with Windows 10 on ARM platform

Various rumors about the smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone go on the Network for quite some time. At different times this device was attributed the different features and the release date, but so far no accurate information did not appear.

According to new data, the release Surface Phone shouldn’t be expected in the near future. A former employee of a contractor of Microsoft said that this device may appear in 2018 or even 2019. All because it will be the next-generation smartphone. And this phrase here implies a new generation for the market.

According to the source, this will be the first smartphone in the world that implements the concept of Windows 10 on ARM platform. No details, but the wording may imply that Surface Phone running full Windows 10 or some of its adapted version, not Windows 10 Mobile.

We will remind, this year the market should see the first Windows 10 PC, based on SoC Snapdragon. Apparently, the same concept will be implemented in the mobile Phone Surface. However, given the average screen size of a smartphone, without adaptation of the interface to use Windows 10 on this device would be extremely uncomfortable. In the end, it all fit into a logical picture. Microsoft simply needs a lot of time to come up with and implement adapted form of the desktop operating system, which is convenient to use on a smartphone. And then this machine will indeed be the new generation because it without any reservations and restrictions can be attached to the monitor, mouse and keyboard and use a full-fledged Windows 10.

In addition, the source said that Microsoft this year still release some kind of smartphone, but this may well be the device for the enterprise market.



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