Smartphone Meizu Pro 6 fell $30 behind Xiaomi Mi5

The smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 went on sale in early March at a price of around $ 300, after five and a half months, the manufacturer lowered the recommended retail price of device up to 270 dollars.

Meizu Pro 6, which is one of the competitors of Xiaomi Mi5, entered the market a month later, and therefore about reducing the price the manufacturer has decided to declare simultaneously with the competitor, and only now. The price fell by the same 30 dollars, now the smartphone is available for $ 360.

According to the average price Meizu Pro 6 in Russia today is 27 995 RUB (102 offers), and Xiaomi Mi5 — 22 747 RUB (55 proposals). But, interestingly, in the Russian and Ukrainian retail smartphones can often be found at a very similar prices and in some stores Meizu Pro 6 before the price reduction is a more affordable option.



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