Smartphone Meizu M5 Note will be thinner than its predecessor and get a fully metal body

Yesterday, we learned that the settings of the smartphone Meizu M5 Note will be completely or almost completely copy the characteristics of the model M3 Note. Now came the turn to take a look at the visual differences of the devices.

Provided by the source photo is not the best quality but they give a lot of information about the upcoming smartphone. First, as we expected, the device is completely made of metal, whereas in the existing unit at the top and bottom there are plastic inserts.

Secondly, the smartphone will become significantly thinner. Headphone Jack will be moved to the bottom edge, and USB port-C appears to be expected, although it’s hard to tell because of the quality of the image. A little different design of the flare is unlikely.

Thus, Note the M5 compared to M3 Note will not change its parameters, but will be better in other aspects.



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