Smartphone LG V20 will receive a 32-bit Quad DAC

Recall that the smartphone LG V10 has a 32-bit digital-to-analog Converter (DAC) of company ESS Technology. Yesterday LG Electronics announced that LG V20 will be the first in the industry to get a new 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC Quad.

The developers claim that the DAC-Quad will provide maximum qualitative and realistic sound when you are using a compatible wired headset. The sound quality of LG V20 will surpass other smartphones with a regular DAC, because the DAC Quad solution allows to reduce by 50% the noise level of the environment. Videos recorded on the LG V20 will also be more sound.

When you create V20 LG LG worked closely with the aforementioned company ESS Technology. The developers call DAC-Quad the cornerstone of many multimedia features in LG V20.

Last week we published information about the expected characteristics of LG V20.



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