Smartphone LG G6 will maintain a modular design

Contrary to the pre-announcement rumors, the smartphone LG V20 not got a modular design. For many, probably, it is even better, given the reviews on the G5 model.

But this does not mean that LG abandoned the idea. Despite these reviews, the opinion of many thematic publications and the decline in sales, LG is not abandoning the concept of modularity. It will continue in the next flagship G, although not the fact that in exactly the same form as it is now.

No details yet, but for many it is the fact of preservation modular design can be decisive when choosing a smartphone. It is hoped that in the model G6 manufacturer can learn from my mistakes. It would also be nice if the choice of modules was wider, as since the start of sales of the current flagship of LG, no new options, the company added.



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