Smartphone LG G6 will get the support of payment service LG Pay at the beginning of the summer

With its own payment system from LG is not yet developed. It was originally developed the concept of individual cards White Card, and then there were rumors that the G6 will debut a technology, MST is similar to the Samsung, but in the end flagship smartphone appeared without any version of LG Pay, as it was postponed indefinitely.

The source reports that the payment system Pay LG will appear in the smartphone G6 in June and in the US, not in the native market. In will be based on a certain technology MCT (Magnetic Communication Technology) company Dynamics.

The most important thing is that this technology works on the same principle as MST: creates an electromagnetic field around the smartphone, which the conventional banking terminal is recognized as a conventional card with a magnetic strip. That is, LG G6 will work with the most common terminals. However, as in the case of all other payment systems, for a start banks of a particular country should begin to support the new service.



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