Smartphone LG G6 used heat pipes

Company LG Electronics stated that it applied the new technology to create smartphone LG G6 and introduced a series of tougher tests that relate to security devices for users.

On these measures the company was forced to go numerous reports of fires smartphones from Samsung, Apple and Chinese manufacturers. The Korean company said that LG G6 it will begin to use a heat pipe made of copper that will be able to more effectively remove heat from the internal components, including the battery. Heat pipes, which have long been used, for example, in laptops, the temperature can be reduced by 6-10%.

In addition, the design of LG G6, it was decided to post the hottest components away from each other to avoid accumulation of heat in one place.

The company is testing the device for demanding applications: «We test the battery at a temperature 15% higher than required by European and American standards.» In addition, the batteries are all kinds of tests on cladding integrity, they are pierced by sharp objects dropping on them severity.

LG G6 presentation is expected at MWC in 2017, but the smartphone could arrive on March 10.



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