Smartphone LG G6 is credited with the front-facing camera with built-in scanner iris

A few days ago appeared information about the fact that when creating the LG G6 South Korean company has abandoned the modular construction and also dismiss many of the leaders of the team LG G5.

Korean publication constitutes a waiver of a modular design and the concept of «friends», adding that the new flagship should receive scanner iris, which previously was equipped with recalled Samsung Galaxy Note7. However, the implementation of this element in LG G6 will be different.

Galaxy Note7 on the front panel was located front camera lens and one camera, which was engaged in the identification of the users eyes. According to the source, LG G6 for selfies and scanning of the iris will respond to the same module.

The total volume is the combined module will be 0.36 cm3, while the two front chambers together is of 0.47 cm3.

, Samsung


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