Smartphone LG G6 can get a voice assistant Google Assistant

Voice assistant Google Assistant at the moment is an exclusive feature of the Google Pixel, and also messenger Allo and the Google Home however, the developers promised to make it available to third parties in 2017.

Those who follow the news know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to debut personal assistant Bixby. It is obvious that LG G6 can not remain aloof from this trend. According to the latest rumors, the South Korean company decided to create its own system, and asked for help to Google.

The result of this agreement, the new flagship smartphone LG G6 will be equipped with Google assistant Assistant. Google Assistant is an integral part of the operating system Android Wear 2.0, which needs to obtain smart watch LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. Watch must submit 9 Feb.

LG G6 announcement is expected on February 26.

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