Smartphone LG G6 appeared in new photos

A few days ago we published an image which was captured front part of the smartphone LG G6 and the left a panel with two buttons.

Now we see the same device from another angle. For realistic dust particles in the case of the smartphone we can assume that this is a real photo, not a computer image.

What we can say with this image? In the eye catches a wide slot, which is likely to accommodate not only the SIM card, and microSD memory card. This, and the strips of the antennas indicates that the device case is metal, and the battery is non-removable. In this case, it is possible to suggest the presence of protection against dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the IP68 standard.

LG G6 announcement is expected on February 26. According to rumors, due to the shortage of Snapdragon 835 smartphone will receive Snapdragon 821.



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