Smartphone iPhone X well-tested jerryrigeverything once

The smartphone’s main tormentor jerryrigeverything once got a new iPhone X, to subject him to the standard set of tests.

In a nutshell, the new Apple easily survived them. Much sense to clarify the details yet, but we still note the main. Glass front scratched, just like any other smartphone. That is, the material with hardness not less than 6 in Mohs scale.

Like almost all OLED screens, the display of the iPhone X can not withstand prolonged heating, and it will forever remain a stain. Really, why even conduct such a test, it is not clear, because it is very far from real scenarios.

And most important — a test of strength. And it is the flagship copertina were excellent. To bend the device with your hands is conventionally impossible. The video shows how a little give in the screen but this does not affect the integrity or efficiency. In the end, the iPhone X with honor passed test jerryrigeverything once, but that’s all this pales in light of the fact that the replacement of the rear window, this model costs $ 550.



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