Smartphone iPhone SE has become the third most popular in the United States for the second quarter. The bulk of the buyers — connoisseurs compact models

According to analysts Kantar World Panel, in the second quarter of this year in the U.S. the most popular smartphone Apple iPhone 6s which had 11% of all sales in the quarter.

In second place is the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a share of 9%, and trailing the three leaders became iPhone SE with a share of 5%. That is, a quarter of all smartphones that were sold in the U.S. for three months, has been presented only three models.

Analysts have paid particular attention to the latest model. It is said that 24% of iPhone buyers SE (q) obtained this device as their first smartphone or mobile phone at all. Almost all the rest went with any of the previous models of Apple. For example, 25% switched from iPhone 5s, 17% with the iPhone 4s, and 9% did with the iPhone 4. That is the bulk of iPhone buyers SE — this is the category of people for whom iPhone 6/6s and even more 6/6s Plus will be too big. To be precise, 60% of buyers of the device chose him in the first place because of the size.

Thus, we can assume that next year we can expect a new compact smartphone Apple with improved characteristics.



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