Smartphone iPhone 8 Flexural strength is even higher than the iPhone 7

So, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus already went on sale and surely someone has already managed to damage the novelty. As always, blogger jerryrigeverything once doing it purposefully, showing us how durable a particular machine.

He reached to younger and novelties of Apple. The results of the battle of man against the smartphone can be seen on video.

With regard to the hardness of glass, everything is familiar. Scratch it can be a material with hardness at least 6 on the Mohs scale. This applies to the front glass, but that covers the back, such a test somehow were not exposed. It is also worth noting that the camera is not covered by a sapphire crystal, and the ordinary protective.

The most interesting test in bending. Apple have not created a «glass» of smartphones and was wondering how to handle the manufacturer at this time. It turned out that it consulted perfectly well. The person to bend the device with your hands is conventionally impossible. Note that the iPhone 7 though differed about the same bending strength, but he had a problem with peeling when such efforts display.



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