Smartphone iPhone 8 attribute code name for the Ferrari and the motherboard consists of two parts

A fresh batch of information published in Chinese social network Weibo indicates that Apple intentions to release next year three of the iPhone model numbers D20, D21 and D22.

It is worth remembering that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was held under the model numbers D10 and D20. The source suggests that the numbers D20 and D21 correspond to the updated models of iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

The main and the only novelty in the next year will be the model D22, which will be called iPhone 8. According to the information available to the source, the code name of the smartphone — Ferrari. He, as has been reported repeatedly, get the curved AMOLED display diagonal of 5.2 inches.

It also reported an interesting detail that never spoke. The alleged motherboard of the iPhone 8 will be divided into two parts, which will be connected by a flexible loop. The source claims that Apple has decided to make changes to the design of the motherboard, to save space inside the smartphone and make it even thinner. In this regard, has changed its usual location of the internal components, in particular system-on-chip and a slot for SIM-cards.



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