Smartphone Huawei Mate 10 Pro can be equipped with smart handle

Huawei seems to have plans to match smartphone Mate 10 Pro smart pen (a source says that no pen, namely a pen). This hint ad image appeared on the network.

Externally, the handle resembles the handle of a set of Smart Moleskine Writing Set. We can assume that it was the fruit of cooperation between the two companies. Using a pen with a Bluetooth interface and a special platform, you can write on plain paper, instantly getting on the smartphone digitized version of notes and sketches.

However, it’s not a touch screen, so it can’t be used as a pen for Huawei Mate 10. However, the partners could figure out how to support touch input. For example, the smart pen Livescribe Smartpen 3 is in this case equipped with a capacitive tip.



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