Smartphone HTC 11 credited with a curved screen diagonal of 5.5 inches

If the new flagship Samsung smartphone, and Apple rumors appear almost immediately after the release of the next generation, with other companies it’s different.

For example, about the device HTC 11 (name not confirmed) the first rumor appeared only now. Before the announcement of the smartphone a few months, but this does not prevent us to learn about the fact that the product supposedly will get a display diagonal 5.5 inch resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels curved with the two sides of the display.

In addition, the source reports the resolution camera 12 and 8 MP. On the platform, no data, but there is little doubt that this will be the most productive at the time of announcement, HTC Qualcomm. About changes in the design information yet. In fact, even the data provided should be taken strictly as a rumor.



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