Smartphone Honor Magic: the original design, the battery with graphene and the unique features of artificial intelligence

Smartphone Honor Magic, which is the brand of Huawei teased us recently presented. The unit was not as imagined him, many thematic resources. New do looks unusual, as you can see with the pictures.

The smartphone could be called the «remnant», if this word is not used as offensive. In this case a rather appropriate Association with pebbles. The curvaceous two sides of glass and curved display, Honor the Magic turned out recognizable. It is not like any Honor 8, nor on the Galaxy S7 or on some other smartphone with a similar design feature.

Surprisingly, Honor Magic — compact by modern standards camera. It is equipped with a display diagonal of 5.1 inches, which dimensions are equal is 146.1 x 69,9 x 7.8 mm and weight 145 g. the Screen is made by technology Super AMOLED and is characterized by a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The heart of the model somehow lies SoC Kirin 950, 960 and not Kirin. Operational and flash memory in this lot: 4 and 64 GB respectively. On the back there are two 12-megapixel camera modules. They probably are the same as used in the P9 and Honor 8. The front camera is characterized by a resolution of 8 MP.

The battery capacity of 2900 mA·h. And then allegedly used the same battery with graphene. The manufacturer claims that in just 10 minutes it can be recharged to 40% and 20 minutes at 70%. Nothing like it on the market now, no.

As the OS uses Android 6.0 with a proprietary shell. But the parameters are secondary here. In the first place, probably not even the design, though he, of course, catches the eye in the first place, and the unique features of the smartphone. Not long ago, Huawei said that it intends to increase investment in R & d on technologies of artificial intelligence to ever create a smartphone that can «smell, taste, hear and see as well as people.» Honor the Magic — just the first step.

No, no sensors of smells and tastes there are out of the question. But the smartphone, there are many other through which implemented a unique for the segment function. For example, the function WiseScreen. Thanks to a sensor in the housing, and an infrared sensor on the front panel, the smartphone understands that it is the owner now, took the phone and brought it to his face so the device unlocks the display. Accordingly, the smartphone understands that the owner put it in his pocket, and the display is off.

The function of Intelligent FaceCode Recognition based on facial recognition. If the phone receives a message and the machine picks up the owner, he will automatically see this message as the smartphone will determine who is in front of him.

There will be other software features. For example, the AI is able to understand the topic of communication in social networks or messengers, and to offer something that fits the theme (a new film, music and so on). The smartphone is able to determine that the user got into the car and started moving, then the device will remind you switch to the mode «Behind the wheel». And so on.

Unfortunately, Honor the Magic will be sold only in China at some online stores. The cost is currently unknown, but sales should begin today. Probably, the smartphone will be quite expensive as it is, rather, a kind of experimental device.

, Huawei


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