Smartphone display Moto Z2 Force is really scratched with a fingernail, but the strength of the hull high

A known hater of smartphones jerryrigeverything once reached the new flagship of the brand Moto to subject him to terrible torture.

Talking about Motorola Moto Z2 Force released «unbreakable» screen ShatterShield. And that the presence of such a screen is as the main advantage of novelties, and its disadvantage. The fact that the creation of resistant to shocks screen engineers had to abandon the glass and use plastic. The result can be seen in the video below.

Scratch the display can be any material with a hardness of 3 and above on the Mohs scale. That is, almost anything, even a fingernail. Simply put, without protective film to the owner of such a smartphone is just not enough. It is also seen that the thermal effect on the screen leaves traces, so putting Z2 Moto Force on something hot with the screen down is not worth it.

But to the strength of the device no complaints. At the time, the model Moto Z after the effort remained with a bent frame, then this is no problem.



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