Smartphone display Moto Force Z2 can be scratched even with a fingernail

A few days ago, Lenovo has introduced a smartphone Moto Z2 Force. The device is the «unbreakable» display ShatterShield, like its predecessors. However, unlike last year’s lineup, missing in the current model Moto Z2 with the usual screen.

And for some it can be bad news. The fact that, despite their advantages in strength, ShatterShield display, as previously, is quite easily scratched. The reason is simple — the top layer is a plastic, not safety glass. So it was in the previous models with such screens.

But the source reports that the new model has an even softer plastic that is even easier to scratch. In two weeks the test sample has got a few scratches, and one journalist managed to leave fingernail!

But that’s not all. The screens of new products, when pressed, emit certain sounds that can indicate a lack of good bonding of all layers. The problem was on two test instances.

Of course, you can always stick a protective film or glass, preserving the advantages of the strength of the screen ShatterShield, but for a smartphone for $ 800 scratched with a nail the screen — a very strange feature.



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