Smartphone cameras will teach you to assess the risk environment in which to make a selfie

The data collected during their study, researchers of the Institute of information technology Delhi, indicate that in 2014, 15 people died doing selfie. In 2015, the number of deaths rose to 39. In the first eight months of this year, 73 people have lost their lives in the process of photographing themselves.

Scientists are concerned about the trend and began investigating, in parallel, working on the artificial intelligence system that can assess the risk environment in which to make a selfie. The causes of death are different: falling from height, drowning, careless handling of weapons. Leading the list is India (76), second place goes to Pakistan (9), closes the three leaders of the United States (8). In Russia, scientists have identified six such incidents.

Created by the developers of the artificial intelligence system allows you to rate photos, analyzing the altitude, proximity to the freeways, railway lines, water bodies and other potentially dangerous factors. At the moment the system allows an accuracy of 73% to determine whether a selfie is made safe.

Ideally, scientists want to create a system that will allow the smartphone camera in real time to indicate to the user how dangerous for photography is a particular place, and give a percentage estimate of its forecast.


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