Smartphone Asus ZenFone Zoom 3 will not be cheap

At CES 2017, Asus unveiled the ZenFone smartphone Zoom 3. It is interesting in several settings, but mostly curious with the main camera.

She had a twin, the second camera has a telephoto lens. Exactly the same is implemented in the iPhone 7 Plus, but virtually all other models with dual cameras telephoto no. This design allows not only to implement optical zoom, but to portrait the camera.

How well the camera was able Asus find out in February when 3 ZenFone Zoom will go on sale. During the announcement the price of the novelty was not mentioned. Relatively cheap platform could not the high cost. But as it turned out, cheap smartphone will not.

The source reports that in China for top-end version with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory will ask for about $ 530. In many valued Junior version, sorry, unknown, but the approximate price level you can imagine and so. Probably the most simple modification would cost not less 400-430 dollars.

We will remind, except yet rare in its configuration dual camera, new Asus boasts a very long battery life, which can be used to charge other devices.



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