Smartphone Alcatel A5 LED uses led illumination for user interaction

At the MWC 2017 presents Alcatel A5 LED, is unusual in that it uses led illumination for user interaction.

The LEDs are turned on in response to an incoming call, a reminder, a new message or social network notification. By luminescence, it is possible to understand what kind of event occurred.

Using app Color Catcher 2.0 the user has the ability to create light patterns on the back cover, which can at any time change. Cover, illuminated by LEDs, can also play the role of light and music installation.

Another feature of the A5 LED is the fact that the back cover is illuminated is, in fact, replaceable module. Instead, you can install the module additional battery capacity of 3000 mA∙h the module or speaker system.

Smartphone with support for 4G LTE built on a single-chip system MediaTek 6753 and is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is equipped with a display size of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a camera resolution of 5 and 8 MP. The main camera has a flash with two LEDs. The battery capacity of the Alcatel A5 LED is equal to 2800 mA∙h.

The information sources are not known. It is expected that the price of the device will lie in the range of 150-200 dollars.

Sources: Alcatel, Alcatel, Engadget


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