Smart watches Veldt consider the amount of sunlight received by the user

The company Veldt, has created a smart watch, considering how much time parents spend with children, has introduced another development in this area. This time developers gave smart watches accounting function of illumination. As stated, it can improve the «pace of life» of the user depending on how much time he spends in the light.

Watch also take into account physical activity and sleep quality. Optimal biorhythm, taking into account all three factors (light, physical activity and sleep) is formed by the mobile application. The manufacturer notes that the algorithm of data analysis was developed jointly with specialists of the national center of neurology and psychiatry.

Like other smart watches, the device notifies the user of incoming calls and other events, shows time, weather and other operational information. To communicate with a smartphone uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2. The watch is compatible with smartphones with iOS and Android. Watch diameter is 38mm, the thickness is 11.8 mm. battery life lasts up to weeks. Charging wireless. Serial production of the device will start in December. Depending on finishes, the watch will cost from $450 to $1800.

Source: Nikkei BP


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