Smart watches No. 1 G3 + is equipped with a rotating bezel

The Chinese company No. 1 preparing to release an updated version of smart hours No.1 G3, which offered decent functionality at a price of $ 60.

When creating these watches, the manufacturer has paid attention to the Samsung Gear S2, and S3, but rather on the control as a rotary bezel that can be used for different tasks, depending on the application.

For example, you can scroll the list of applications or contacts without closing your fingers a little round display with a diameter of 1.3 inch with resolution 240 x 240 pixels. In addition, the watch comes with a heart rate sensor and pedometer.

Watch got a metal body, as a system on a chip supports MediaTek MT2502, the capacity of the battery is 380 mAh. the Watch is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android. Connection with a smartphone is using Bluetooth 4.0. Watch, in particular, can serve as a remote control for the camera, also they can be used to control playback of music stored on the smartphone.

The amount of RAM and flash memory, as well as the price of the manufacturer is not specified.

No. 1


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