Smart watch Samsung Gear S3 got a new Exynos SoC 7270

The day before yesterday, Samsung has introduced a smart watch Gear S3, which became the successor of the ideas of last year’s model.

It was known that the underlying system-on-chip with two processor cores, but accurate data on the time of the announcement were not available. Given the fact that productive platform for hours is not necessary, it could be assumed that you are using the Exynos 3250 like in Gear S2.

It turned out that the new Samsung hours created a new SoC. It’s called Exynos 7270 and contains two processor cores with a frequency of 1 GHz. What kernel are used is unclear. This is probably either a Cortex-A53 or a more modern Cortex-A35. Also, it is believed that the new SoC is manufactured using 14-nanometer technology, but confirmation of this yet.



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