Smart watch Apple watch future generations can become thinner and lighter due to the transfer of some of the components of the bracelet and buckle

Apple filed a patent application describing the technology, the implementation of which smart watch can become significantly thinner.

The essence of the patent is that some of the components is positioned in the strap or the buckle. In particular, those who are responsible for technology feedback Taptic Engine and vibration. This design would make the device much thinner and lighter either, saving weight and size parameters, to install significantly more capacious battery.

Furthermore, the placement of specified components in the buckle or the strap can allow wider range of vibration effects. For example, the device can create a feeling of compression of the wrist strap or create a scatter vibration in different areas.

The application was filed recently, in June 2016. But, as always in such situations, it is not known whether Apple to use such technology and, if so, when it will happen.



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