Smart tires Continental iTyre is equipped with ContiPressureCheck sensors

Company Continental announced the availability of smart iTyre tires with factory fitted sensors ContiPressureCheck. Bus iTyre available in 22 sizes, including the series Conti Hybrid and Conti EcoPlus.

Sensors continuously monitor the pressure and temperature in tires. Data is recorded and displayed on the display of the vehicle. If deviation of pressure from setpoint, the ContiPressureCheck system warns you. This can improve safety because the driver gets the opportunity to take timely measures to remedy the problem.

System ContiPressureCheck is compatible with telematics systems, so that measurements of pressure and temperature of tires can be viewed on the shared screen and transfer them to an external device. It is convenient for tire monitoring in the scale of fleet. According to the manufacturer, the ContiPressureCheck system helps to reduce fuel consumption and reduce tyre wear. The ContiPressureCheck sensors are available as individual modules for self-installation by the consumer.

Source: Continental


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