Smart strap Welt will see to your waist. Most importantly, do not forget to charge

In early summer, we wrote about the fact that the smart belt Welt Samsung will allocate in the separate company. Now this project goes to the site Kickstarter to collect funds for the launch of the product.

In fact, the necessary funds have been collected, as the developers have only requested $ 30,000. It is most likely that the campaign was launched not to output the product as such, but to assess the demand. Currently collected 32 000 dollars, and the number of eating a belt more than three hundred.

So, a smart belt to look no different from the usual. Unless the creators offer a variety of color options, thus positioning their product as a fashion accessory.

From the point of view of possibilities Welt is quite simple. It acts as a pedometer, and at the same time controls the waist. And supposedly tracked even small changes after a meal and a belt able to inform the owner if he has overeaten. The cost of the device starts at $70 depending on version. Deliveries should begin in January of next year.

The belt weighs 100 g and is available in four different sizes, differing in length within 711-1117 mm. the device Works in conjunction with smartphones running Android and iOS. And Yes, those who want to buy a device should not forget that now you have to charge the belt. However, only once in 20 days.



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