Smart Samsung sound bar entertainment system developed jointly with Harman

Rumors that Samsung is developing its own smart acoustic system that came a few months ago. Of course, she predicted a voice assistant Bixby, although because of it, according to some sources, the Korean giant could cancel the development of the device.

At the IFA exhibition in 2017, a representative of Harman, which is owned by Samsung, has denied the rumors about the refusal of such a decision. He said that Samsung is working on as together with engineers at Harman, which in theory should ensure that the final product is good sound quality.

It was said that the device will get the best platform AI Assistant than Google and Amazon’s Alexa. Of course, it was Bixby, but the question of his superiority over the main competitors explicitly opened. It was also said that Samsung smart AC can be interfaced with all types of smart appliances, that is going to be a hub of smart home systems. In the description of representative Harman used the phrase «unprecedented cooperation,» without specifying what is meant.

The timing of the output device, unfortunately, has not been named.

IFA 2017


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