Smart refrigerators Samsung Family Hub 2.0 got support for voice assistant Bixby

Contrary to expectations, the voice assistant Bixby became one of the key strengths of the Galaxy S8. Despite the acquisition of Viv Labs, responsible for the revolutionary AI, Viv, Samsung for whatever reason decided not to use the main technology when creating Bixby.

In the end, we got enough raw assistant, who is also after the announcement deactivated in all markets, except the mother.

However, this does not mean that Samsung decided to abandon their offspring. On the contrary, the Korean giant wants to spread Bixby to the other segments. And he began this process with their own refrigerators.

Presented at the beginning of the year smart refrigerators Family Hub 2.0, made even smarter with the advent of Bixby apps. That is, those who have already purchased Family Hub 2.0, can install voice assistant separately. And in new batches it is already installed from the factory.

After refrigerators Bixby must appear in other appliances Samsung.



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