Smart pillow Sunrise has collected on Kickstarter more than $420 thousand.

Startup Mode Modern presented on the site Kickstarter smart pillow Sunrise, for production of which required 50 thousand dollars. Before the end of the campaign to raise funds is another 11 days, and the amount has already exceeded 420 thousand dollars.

The pillow is equipped with led ribbons that allow you to gently Wake you up in the morning and to show a customized greeting message. The pillow includes a gyroscope and accelerometer, which controls how often you turn in your sleep and how restless the sleep is.

Using Bluetooth pillow can play with mobile devices the music and different kinds of «white noise». Sunrise may also help you with meditation.

Myself, the pillow has an ergonomic shape, and a coating of a hypoallergenic material.

All collected data is sent to the smartphone using the mobile apps. At the moment, the pillow costs $ 99, after it will be $ 300.

Admission to the sale of Sunrise is expected in October.


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