Smart phones can recognize other electronic devices via the «electromagnetic imprint»

Experts from the University Carnegie Mellon has demonstrated the variant of interaction between the smartphones of the future with electronic devices of the smart home. The special feature of their development that recognizes the mobile electronic device via the study of their electromagnetic field.

The ability to receive appropriate signals to the prototype, created by researchers at the heart of the smartphone Moto G, provides a special receiver with an antenna glued to the inside of the rear housing cover. According to the developers, if it comes to commercial implementation, it is possible to use a regular antenna or a metal chassis.

Every electronic device has a unique «electromagnetic fingerprint» that can be locked when it is turned on. To recognize the devices used by a neural network. The device confidently learns lamps, refrigerators, TVs, thermostats, routers, smart locks, projectors, and other devices. By the way, the device does not have to be smart. In this case, the smartphone can still perform some useful function. For example, determining that in front of him a coffee, he can open your browser and visit the shop where you can buy coffee. In the case of smart devices launches the appropriate application.

For example, touching the lamp, you can automatically turn your smartphone into a remote control the light, and touching the monitor, to activate a file transfer from smartphone to PC.

The authors of the project believe that further improvements in technology will allow you to recognize individual instances of the same model. With regard to commercialization of the development, this can happen not earlier than in a year.

Source: Carnegie Mellon


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