Smart Mat for sleeping Somnova helps to combat snoring

On the website KickStarter is raising funds for the release of the product called Somnova. According to its creators, Somnova first smart pad Mat sleep, which helps to combat snoring.

Design Somnova includes two tanks and a compressor pumping air into them as soon as a sensor detects snoring. Puffing, Mat gently encourages the sleeper to change position, which is enough to stop snoring.

The sensor is located in a single housing with the compressor. Therefore, developers are recommended to place the compressor at a distance of 60-70 cm from the cushion, a sensor to it. As usual, the device is equipped with a mobile application. It evaluates sleep quality, and gives recommendations to the user.

The first participants of fundraising could reserve Somnova for $149. Fundraising will continue for 55 days, but the amount required for the serial production of the Mat, nearly collected.

Source: KickStarter


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