Smart lamps TP-Link LB100, LB110 LB120 and cost from $20 to $35

Company TP-Link, most famous for his networking equipment, has introduced smart led lamp LB100, LB110 LB120 and which belong to the family of Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs.

The novelties stand out among the many competitors because it does not require expensive hub. To control lights directly from your smartphone through the app Kasa. Moreover, a lamp TP-Link support voice assistant Alexa. That is, to manage new products through an acoustic Echo system or any other device with Alexa.

Software allows not only to change the lighting brightness, but also create graphs of this parameter. For example, depending on the time of day.

Model LB100 will cost buyers $20. It is characterized by a luminous flux of 600 lumens, which according to the company, equivalent to a conventional incandescent bulb 50 watt, but the led lamp consumes 80% less energy.

LB110 costs $25, and luminous flux up to 800 lumens. For LB120 with a luminous flux of 800 lumens will need to pay $35. This device also allows you to change the light temperature (2700K or 6500K).



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