Smart glasses «mixed reality» J-Reality running Android OS

The company Jorjin Technologies in cooperation with the company InfinityAR presented a device J-Reality, which it calls the world’s first smart occult «mixed reality», running the Android OS. Glasses uses semitransparent displays, created by specialists of the company Lumus. The field angle is 40°.

Allegedly, points J-Reality allows to combine the real world with an artificial holographic images, providing the user the ability to interact with objects of the created world. To communicate uses gestures. J-Reality has also found use proprietary technology of determining the position and recognition of scenes.

In addition, the glasses embedded camera, microphone and speakers. The design of the device allows it to accept the provisions of «eyes» and «head». Points are a self-contained device, not requiring connection to a PC or smartphone.

Source: Jorjin Technologies


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