Smart glasses Epson Moverio BT-300 will teach you to work with drones DJI

According to sources, Epson and DJI have announced a partnership. No, no printer drones the company to produce not going.

Partnership for Moverio smart glasses. More specifically, the model Moverio BT-300, shown in February. Recall that in contrast to Google, which is trying to promote its glasses in the consumer market, Epson is releasing a third-generation Moverio, and positions it for corporate clients.

First partners optimize the DJI app Go to work on the smart glasses Epson. Because of this, pilots drones DJI will be able to manage their vehicles literally from the first person. This will affect models such as the Phantom, Inspire and Matrice.

Glasses Moverio BT-300 will be available for purchase on the official DJI website. By the way, sales start in the fourth quarter.

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