Smart acoustic system Google Home Max is estimated at $ 400

But the baby Home Mini, Google introduced another device of this family. It’s called Home Max, from which it is clear that the new product is larger than their counterparts.

Unlike the Home and Home Mini the device is already positioned as a smart acoustic system, not just a voice assistant. Home Max should provide significantly better sound quality and will obviously compete with Apple HomePod.

However, Home Max will be even more expensive: $ 400. To buy, like Apple’s solution, it will be possible in December. Of course, in absentia, to talk about compared to the HomePod for the quality of sound completely pointless, but Google pointed out that inside Home Max is two woofer with a diameter of 114 mm and a pair of 18mm Twitter.

By the way, when you purchase a Home Max, the user will receive a year’s subscription to the YouTube Red.



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