Slot machine IGT CrystalCurve ULTRA embedded is installed, the 3D map AMD Radeon E9260

AMD has this week presented a 3D-card AMD Radeon E9260 and E9550 on the GPU, Polaris, announced that the model AMD Radeon E9260 was selected as a global leader in the gaming industry, International Game Technology (IGT) slot machines CrystalCurve ULTRA.

The capacity of the card allows you to connect two monitors 4K according to the manufacturer, this configuration is supported for the first time in the history of slot machines for casinos.

Recall, AMD Radeon E9260 used 14-nanometer GPU, the performance of which reaches 2.5 TFLOPS, while the TDP does not exceed 50 watts. Allegedly, high-performance graphics subsystem allowed developers IGT Crystal Curve ULTRA players to ensure a «next level experience».

Source: AMD



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