Ski resorts: winter recreation options in 2018

Winter break is the time for ski holidays. Many Russians made it a rule to choose the resorts abroad. This is not surprising, as the rating of the best Russian resorts in the world yet. However, to find, where with benefit and pleasure to spend the wintertime you can always.

Aspen in Colorado

One of the most expensive ski resorts in the world located in aspen, Colorado. Among the advantages of this place should be called a developed infrastructure and a high level of service. Also in the city is down from four mountain slopes, allowing skiers to ride with different levels of training. The length of the route is 514 km. the ski Season begins from December 23 to March 24. In early December held near zero temperatures reaching 10 degrees. Snow is always a lot, and in the season he is guaranteed.

Despite his reputation as a prestigious and expensive resort, guests with an average budget here, too, can feel comfortable. Reviews of tourists allocate a number of advantages: perfectly groomed slopes and an abundance of food. Close to the city, for those who want to change skiing to other sports, a Spa resort at the hot springs, forest reserve, white river and Glenwood canyon, where you can enjoy the views and natural beauty.

As for prices, the $ 33 assay on the mountain, you can get an infinite number of slopes and tubing. Ski pass for children depending on the duration (4 to 7 days) costs from 140 to $ 240; for teenagers and older 180 – $ 300; adult 200 – $ 330. In Aspen more than a hundred restaurants, dozens of bars and cafes. You can also visit the many cinemas, concert halls, art galleries. Hit among travelers is the husky sledding.

Cortina in Italy

In the Dolomites, there is another prestigious and popular resort of Cortina. He was the only one in Italy, refers to Best of the Alps. This large city is bustling day and night. Apart from skiing, you can have a great time in art galleries, indoor ice arena, an aquatic centre, antique shops and numerous places of entertainment.

For skiers it is a Paradise. Here is one of the world’s most popular trails, which hosts the world Cup downhill. The entire length of the route is 1200 km Minimum ski pass for 1 day for an adult costs about 40 euros. If you pay for 12 days, it will be 340 euros. If you buy a ski pass for any inconsistent 12 days, it will cost for a child 250 euros per adult to 380 euros. Along with this, it is recommended to pay for insurance for EUR 2.5 per day for an adult and 1 Euro for a child. It is also possible to purchase a ski pass for half a day.

The resort is about 2500 beds. Some part of them is located in the only five-star hotel, 10 four-star hotels and 20 three-star. Others are distributed in the lower class hotels, boarding houses and the private sector. After studying the proposal, it is possible to find the very best accommodation options.

Visitors of the resort among the advantages of the beautiful climate and picturesque nature of the city. The location high in the mountains gives the feeling of crystal freshness of the air. The ratio of food quality and price is justified. The downsides of the resort is not identified, so that each customer finds a suitable price and conditions of the permit.

Bansko in Bulgaria

Among the more accessible ski resorts it is worth noting Bulgaria. Popular Bansko. Most guest reviews for this town emphasize the neatness and tidiness of a small place. Bansko is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Resort specializiruetsya on creating the conditions for family stay: most hotels and boarding houses were built with the expectation of this category of tourists.

The town itself is situated on the South-West of the country in the National Park «Pirin». The long history of Bansko left for tourists numerous monuments and interesting traditions. These features will become an additional stimulus for arrival to this place. Also in many purely Bulgarian restaurants with a stunning selection of local wines.

The season here starts in early December and lasts until may. From Plovdiv airport to the city need to cover 220 km from Sofia – 160 km away, Directly at the airport, travelers are greeted by a regular transport to the resort. Around the city by car will cost BGN 7-10.

Ski slopes are well equipped and as safe as possible. They stretches for about 70 km. the City is divided into three zones for trail skiers. For snowboarders there is a well equipped fun Park.

Buying a ski pass, the skier secures the possibility for any number of ascents and descents. You can also buy a ticket for one ascent-descent on the funicular. Cheaper to buy a ski pass for the entire duration of stay at the resort. One day will cost roughly 60 BGN 13 days – 700 BGN. For seniors, children and students discounts are available.

The guests provide numerous hotels and apartments. You can choose a hotel with a SPA, allowing you to combine skiing with the overall health of the body. In season, a room with two beds for the day costs between 20 and 50 BGN. In the new part of the city the price can reach 300 BGN.

Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. Russia

The most respectable resort for skiers became Krasnaya Polyana. In a short period of time, this place has acquired the status of an elite resort. This became possible thanks to the 2014 Olympics. For this event there was a safe route and comfortable lifts. Now the city continues to be upset and to flourish.

In addition to skiing and other winter sports in Krasnaya Polyana you can try the most delicious honey, walk through the chestnut woods to an incredible feeling of a winter sea and to make a mountain hike. In addition to this the city has a lot of various entertainment venues and cultural centers. Worth a visit are the Cultural and ethnographic center «My Russia», the Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi «Sochi Park».


In Krasnaya Polyana can be reached with most of the known types of transport. To the Sochi airport, fly planes from 60 countries. You can also use the train or brand train «Swallow». From Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana tourists are lucky the bus. The trip cost 160 rubles. Taxi will cost 1600-2000 roubles.

Krasnaya Polyana offers many chalets and complexes: «Gornaya Karusel», GTZ «Gazprom» Mountain amusement Park «Alpika Service» Ski-biathlon complex «Laura», «Rosa Khutor». You can also stay in hotels. After carefully considering the proposals, you can find quite a budget option. During the day, these places to stay are 1000-1500 rubles. A room in a five star hotel can stand up to a large sum of 9,000 to 25,000 rubles. Lovers complete isolation offers villas cost up to 30,000 per night.

The climate here is favorable. The temperature does not fall below zero even at night. Only in the coldest months – January and February – the night the thermometer can show -2 degrees. The unique microclimate ensures a high mountain range that provides the city protection from the cold. Skiing can start in mid-December. The season ends in late April.

Tour operators offer you to choose the ski resorts depending on the budget. But the most important thing to go to rest with a good mood. Then any resort will be a bright spot, able to provide guests with only great memories.

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