SK Hynix will become the second manufacturer to master production of DRAM 10-nanometer class

According to the source, the company SK Hynix intends in the second quarter of 2017 to begin mass production of chips of memory DRAM according to the norms of 10-nanometer of a class. In this case, it will become the second manufacturer producing this product. Be the first to release a DRAM of 10-nanometer of a class beginning, the company Samsung Electronics.

After completing the development of DRAM memory, is designed to produce technologists by 10-nanometer-class first generation (1x), SK Hynix is planning to immediately undertake generation 1Y and 1z. Although in all cases the norms are in the range 10-20 nm, the transition to each next generation leads to greater integration.

Accelerating the development of technologies and 1U 1z, SK expects to reduce the backlog from Samsung. According to industry estimates, the phase 2z the gap between Samsung and SK Hynix accounted for approximately a year and a half. If SK Hynix will be able to begin mass production 1x DRAM in the second quarter, behind Samsung will be reduced by three months. At the same time increase the margin of SK Hynix by Micron.

Source: ETnews

SK Hynix


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