SK Hynix will allocate part of the semiconductor business into a separate company

According to the source, the company SK Hynix intends to allocate a portion of their semiconductor production into a separate company. In this case it is about the division of the Solution Foundry, specializing in the production of semiconductor wafers, processing of wafers, defects in semiconductors, increase of material yield and so forth.

After approval of this process by the Board of Directors of SK Hynix will begin the allocation of the business into a separate company, which will presumably be called the SK Hynix System IC. This should happen on 1 July.

This step should help the company to attract more customers for the semiconductor business as a whole. Last year, the above mentioned unit brought in nearly 106 million dollars, which is less than 1% of the total revenue of SK Hynix.

SK Hynix


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