SK Hynix still hopes to share in semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba

General Director SK Hynix said yesterday that his company is not going to refuse to participate in the acquisition of semiconductor manufacturing, Toshiba and plans to become a shareholder in this enterprise.

Meanwhile, the plans of the company SK Hynix reduce the likelihood that the buyer will be a consortium with its participation.

Toshiba talks with a consortium selected as the preferred buyer, has stalled. The reason he called the mechanism of convertible bonds, through which SK Hynix is going to Finance the deal. It gives the South Korean company a chance in the future to obtain a share of the company. Besides SK Hynix, the consortium includes the Fund Innovation Network Corp of Japan, Bank of Japan Development Bank and private investment company Bain Capital.

Since the transaction with the consortium was called into question, the company has resumed talks with other possible buyers, Western Digital and Foxconn.

Source: Reuters

SK Hynix


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